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Using Email more effectively within your business

On the 21st August 2006, the Royal Mail changed their pricing structures, meaning it could be more expensive to post documents to Customers. This move by the Royal Mail prompted businesses to reconsider the way they contact Customers and Suppliers.
Email is fast becoming a popular method of communicating with Customers and Suppliers, however, there are some issues to consider when using email in business.

  • Emails which are sent from an individual’s email account are not accessible to other team members unless the information is printed and filed.
  • Important information can easily be lost in a full inbox or outbox, and this could lead to a breakdown in communication between your business and your customers or suppliers.
  • If you have a problem with your email provider, a lot of important information can be lost in seconds.

This is where DMSPRO™’s unique email system shows its strengths.

DMSPRO™ has a built in database which stores all your customer and supplier’s contact details, email addresses, employee details and other information.
Using this database allows you to create documents in seconds. Creating an email through DMSPRO™ ensures business wide consistency of formatting, and the email is available to everyone to see instantaneously. When the reply arrives, select ‘Archive’ from your DMSPRO™ tools and the email is saved into the correct customer folder.


  • Emails are addressed correctly
  • Consistent formatting, signature and disclaimer, promotes a strong corporate image for the business.
  • Emails are stored within DMSPRO™ and accessible from any machine running DMSPRO™.
  • Information is not lost in individual team members’ inboxes and outboxes.
  • Answer customer queries in seconds as the information is available at the touch of a key.
  • You no longer need to print emails in order to have the information on file.

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