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Scanning and storing documents electronically reduces many of the limitations of filing paperwork including repetitive labour-intensive procedures, slow distribution, misplaced originals and the inconvenience of retrieving files from various locations.

Paper documents are costly to process, duplicate, distribute and store. Electronic document management vastly reduces these operating expenses and overheads.

A Document Management System simplifies processes by automating repetitive procedures and document filing. The resulting instant access to information helps to develop a more efficient working relationship both between departments and offices within the business, and with Customers. Subsequently, security of files and records is enhanced by pass-wording files and having different user access levels. Disaster recovery is made much easier and the risk of lost information due to fire and theft is greatly reduced.

The three main methods of filing within a Document Management System are:

  • Scanning paper documents
  • Importing electronic documents such as word processing files, spreadsheets, and faxes.
  • Archiving emails.

DMSPRO™ encompasses all these electronic filing features as well as incorporating workflow management and marketing functions to help you build your business around your Customers and better serve their needs.

Imagine . . . managing a multitude of documents and locating the right one quickly . . . sharing documents whilst protecting confidentiality . . . emailing and faxing files instantly . . . protecting information from loss or theft effectively . . . all within one system!

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