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Accountant Product Information

DMSPRO™ has integrated email function to manage email correspondence. By creating emails in DMSPRO™ using a standard corporate template, emails sent by your practice have a consistent format and disclaimer.

Emails created and sent via DMSPRO™ are automatically stored into the Client's file, ensuring continuity of information. The emails can be viewed instantly by any authorised user of the system.

Archive emails straight from your inbox into DMSPRO™. Simply select the ARCHIVE button within your email program and store incoming emails into the relevant Client file in DMSPRO™.

Key Features
  • Emails are not lost in individual team member’s inboxes and outboxes
  • Fixed format and disclaimer build corporate standardisation
  • Improved continuity of information in the Client File
  • Quick, easy and secure way to contact clients with peace of mind that the information will be stored safely in DMSPRO™.
Imagine . . . how comprehensive your correspondence filing will be with the addition of every email sent and received from your Clients.
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