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Accountant Product Information

DMSPRO™ SCAN AND FILE feature reduces paper storage and ensures Client files are kept secure and are easy to find at a later date.

Incoming post, letters, faxes, forms, contracts etc. can all be scanned into DMSPRO™ and subsequently filed into the relevant Client correspondence file for immediate access.

This accelerates both the process of filing incoming post, and the response rate to enquiries. Access to filed documents is widened to all users of the system, subject to user access levels.

Scanning and digitally storing documents offers the peace of mind that your correspondence is secure from the risk of damage normally associated with paper documents such as fire and theft.

With DMSPRO™’s extensive SEARCH facility, information can be found and accessed quickly and easily. The risk of misplacing or damaging important paperwork is vastly reduced.

Key Features
  • Documents are stored in the system ensuring the security of confidential files.
  • No longer have to search through filing cabinets for documents, information is available at the touch of a key.
  • Save on costs of storing paper documents in the office.
  • Dramatically improve the speed of response to Client queries
Imagine . . . never again searching through piles of paper to find a particular document.
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