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Accountant Product Information

DMSPRO™ features a fully interactive telephone message function. Any user can take a telephone message in the office and send it through the system to the correct person.

Using DMSPRO™ to create and send telephone messages reduces the risk of lost messages and delays in responses and makes certain all messages are subsequently monitored.

The flexible ALERT function ensures that as each user logs into DMSPRO™, outstanding messages instantly appear on screen requiring immediate action.

Completed ALERTS can be filed onto the Client correspondence file, recording the date, time and actual message taken as well as related notes – all for future reference.

Key Features
  • Never misplace missed call information
  • Type telephone conversation notes straight into the Alert
  • Pass Alerts to team members within the system for further action
  • File telephone notes and any related tasks into the Client File
Imagine . . . the professional impression you will make with the ability to accurately recall details regarding any telephone conversation.
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