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Business Product Information

DMSPRO™ consolidates all Customer and Supplier information into one place accessed via the CUSTOMER VIEW screen.

Locate Customer contact details, addresses, telephone numbers and employee information all on one screen.

All correspondence between your business and your customers or suppliers is stored in a Customer or Supplier file in DMSPRO™.
Contracts, orders, invoices, daily correspondence and emails; all outgoing and incoming correspondence is stored in an electronic file and accessible at the touch of a key.
Each Customer or Supplier has a unique code reference under which all work is carried out and all information is stored.

Files are fully searchable using the extensive SEARCH feature including by subject, date, author and file format.

Create outgoing documents using Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, store incoming emails, faxes, telephone messages and much more all within DMSPRO™.

Key Features
  • Contact details for Customers and Suppliers are stored in one place and integrated into the system.
  • All outgoing and incoming correspondence is stored under a unique Customer or Supplier code.
  • Find any piece of correspondence to and from Customers or Suppliers with ease.
  • See at a glance all incoming or outgoing correspondence between your business and your Customers and Suppliers.
Imagine . . . instantly locating any piece of correspondence – no matter how long ago it was created, sent or received!
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