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Are you drowning in paperwork? DMSPRO can help.
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>>> J.L. Winder Chartered Accountants use DMSPRO™
Document Management Solution to stay in control of Client information.

Stephen Leonard, IT Partner at J L Winder was looking for a solution that would reduce the amount of paperwork in the office and help staff meet the company aim of building long-term relationships with their clients.

About J L Winder
Based in Cumbria, J L Winder accountants have a varied spectrum of Clients. They realise that all business proprietors have many demands on their time and many important issues to address. Their services are designed to give Clients the peace of mind they need to concentrate on other aspects of managing their business while J L Winder monitor their tax and filing deadlines. They undertake to remind Clients of all important filing deadlines and to assist them in every way possible to meet them.

How DMSPRO™ met their needs
All outgoing documents relating to Clients are created within DMSPRO™ using Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook, and automatically stored in the electronic Client correspondence file. This means that only one copy of the document is printed to send to the Client. The amount of paper used in the office is dramatically reduced, leading to a reduction in stationery costs.

Incoming documents are scanned and filed into the Client file. Once all a Client’s information is in DMSPRO™ the search feature enables information to be found in seconds. Staff spend less time searching for information and more time working on Client files.

What J L Winder say about DMSPRO™
"The Correspondence and Permanent files have made the greatest impact on the efficiency of our work here, as well as the ability to import, create, copy and store ALL the documents relating to each client in a central place no matter what format the original was in. This means we can give instant answers to telephone queries as we no longer have to ‘look for the file’ to see what the client is referring to". Stephen Leonard.


DMSPRO is a fantastic piece of software, keep up the good work! (Lisa Howat, Mr Tax, Leicester)
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