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Docman Solutions Ltd was founded in 2004 by THR Chartered Accountants to maintain, develop and sell DMSPRO™ Document Management Solution.

DMSPRO™ started life in early 1996 as an internal project within THR. Networked directories were used to store both Microsoft Word and Excel files in client specific directories. These were organised in alpha numeric order i.e. S100J for John Smith. All documents created for John Smith were filed on the S100J file. Multi user access to the directories helped to share all computer files between all personnel.
The system only dealt with internally created files and an occasional copied client file as the ability to scan mail was not readily available.

This computerised filing system was soon developed to include some automated word templates and specific processes for producing letters and spreadsheets. Further templates were developed to include all commonly used letters and spreadsheets, thus avoiding any duplication and wasting of effort. Most letters have been written before, so why waste time and money re-typing the information?

With the evolution of scanning technology, DMSPRO™ now stores scanned documents into the Client files as well as storing documents created within the system.

Docman Solutions Ltd was set up to further develop the software and to make it stable so that it could be used by any business.

DMSPRO™ is continually developed and enhanced by a team of dedicated programmers, ensuring the system continues to meet the needs of the business user and remains up-to-date with current developments in business software systems. This reinforces our commitment to offer a long-term solution to your needs and a system that will grow with your business.

We have ensured that the design and development of DMSPRO™ meets three key criteria: to be affordable, easy-to-use and be a totally adaptable contemporary solution for the modern day business.

Docman Solutions Ltd offers an individual approach to document management. We recognise that each business is unique and has specific requirements. Our aim is to provide you with a document management solution that is second to none. You’re our Customer and we will ensure that the quality of our service is never compromised.

Imagine . . . a business solution that ensures a business becomes increasingly efficient, profitable and proactive!


The service from the initial first enquiry, to the sales presentation, software installation and training has been excellent. (Stephen Leonard – JL Winder, Barrow)
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