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£20 per user per month.
This includes full online support and all updates.
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How can I be sure the information is secure?
DMSPRO™ has two levels of security. Firstly there is Access security. Each system user has an access level which only allows them to view certain information. When a Client is added to the system their code is allocated an access level, for example Level 5. System users with a level of 5 or higher will be able to view this Client’s information. Users with a level of 1-4 will not be able to view the information, or even know the files are there.
The second security level is feature security. This restricts the activities of the user within DMSPRO™, such as adding, viewing, editing and deleting documents. There are hundreds of combinations of feature security, all fully managed by the system supervisor.
DMSPRO™ is fully passworded on several levels to ensure maximum document security.


What if my computer crashes, will all the information be lost?
No, not if you have saved it. All information within DMSPRO™ is stored on a server. As long as the server is backed up regularly, if one individual computer crashes, the information within DMSPRO™ is not lost.


I don’t have a scanner, is this a problem?
Not necessarily as scanning is not an integral part of the system. Scanning documents into DMSPRO™ simply reduces the amount of paperwork in the office as all incoming post can be scanned and added into the system. This also means information can be viewed easily from anywhere in the office.


What is my investment?
Your DMSPRO™ licence is determined by the number of users in your practice utilising the system. DMSPRO™ is only £15 per user per month for as long as the system is in use. This includes full system support, all updates and new features.


What future support will I receive?
DMSPRO™ is continually developed in keeping with the needs of the users and the changes and improvements made in technology. A dedicated team of programmers continually works on enhancing the product and adding useful features and functions. At Docman Solutions we do not want to sell you a product and then leave you to it, we ensure that we offer a system that is flexible to meet your needs and your further requirements. Internet support is available from within DMSPRO™. This commitment is included in the cost of the system.


Is the system compatible with my current database?
DMSPRO™ can use information from your current Access or CSV (Comma Separated Values) database provided it is unlocked. Our technical team will look at any database and advise you of the best way of accessing the data to import it into DMSPRO™.


Can I still use other software packages?
Yes, you can still use other software packages on your computer, including accounting software, and Microsoft software. DMSPRO™ has the function to archive files from other software packages, ensuring the continuity of information in a Client’s correspondence file.


What are the system requirements?
Desktop PC (workstation) specification (minimum)

  • Operating Systems – Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • Office Suites - MS Office 2007 to 2016.
  • Processor: Core i3 or higher.
  • 1GB RAM.
DMSPRO™ supports most scanners from basic flat bed units to advanced networked multifunction devices. Documents can be scanned to PDF and TIFF formats.


Do I need other software in order to use DMSPRO™?
DMSPRO™ is a standalone software program. However, in order to use the Document Creation feature, you will need to use Microsoft Office.


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