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Five tips to Improve Efficiency and Increase Profits

Tip 1: Send Correspondence by Email and increase profits!


  • Information sent by email is instant. This enables staff to communicate information back and forth with less time delay meaning that a job could get done in a day rather than over the course of several days.
  • Improving staff efficiency in this manner enables you to grow your business as jobs get finished and staff can move on to the next job.
  • By sending correspondence via email, the email is stored in the senders outbox and is date and time stamped.
Making it Pay

Sending emails avoids the costs of printing duplicates for your files, and you will see instant savings on stationery and postage. These savings will translate into profits, which can be re-invested into growing your businesses.

Tip 2: Keep your customers happy

Having a good relationship with customers is important as it increases their value to your company.


A happy customer is more likely to recommend you to others.
A happy customer will keep coming back to you for your services.

How to keep your customers happy
  • Answer any queries promptly. If you are able to answer their query quickly, your customers will perceive themselves of being of value to you, which will increase their level of satisfaction with your service.
  • Acknowledge feedback and make improvements where possible. Ask customers for feedback regularly and if there is any negative feedback, acknowledge it and try to improve your service if possible. Your customers will feel valued if you ask for their advice and improve your service because of it.
  • Frequency and quality of correspondence. Ensure that all correspondence to customers is of a high quality, with no errors, and addressed to the correct person. Having a consistent format to correspondence improves the businesses corporate image, giving your customers more confidence in your business. Frequent communication with customers improves their satisfaction as they see themselves as valued customers.
Making it pay

By improving the life time value of your customers, you are ensuring that your business continues to grow. Satisfied customers are more likely to return, and they are more likely to recommend your services to others. Word of mouth recommendations are very powerful and can bring in new customers.

Tip 3: Manage staff workflow

Prioritise tasks, set yourself reminders and monitor your workflow.


Staff who have clearly set and prioritised tasks are less likely to feel under pressure of having either too much or not enough to do, and not knowing what order to do work in. With set tasks, staff are more productive and more likely to be happy and motivated in their jobs.

Making it pay

Happy and motivated staff are a good sign of a thriving business. Customers can quickly recognise when staff are not happy at work, and this gives a bad impression of the business. On the other hand, happy and motivated staff are more likely to do a good job, which customers will appreciate. This again increases the value of the customer as the more satisfied the customer, the more valuable they are to your business.

Tip 4: Invest in a strong corporate image.

Letter headed paper, business cards, a website, consistent standards for correspondence. All these things improve the way your customer perceives you. All information you send to your customer, from the first quote, to the final bill gives them an impression of your business. You may think that a quickly scribbled note gives the personal touch, your customer will think it haphazard and possibly illegible!

What to do
  • Use Letterheaded paper for all correspondence to your Customer.
  • Ensure that all correspondence is typed. If you wish to keep the personal touch to correspondence, include a handwritten compliments slip.
  • Keep a record of all correspondence to and from your customer, including emails sent to, and received from Customers where they contain important information regarding transactions.

Tip 5: Get the WOW factor!

First impressions count, and nowhere is this more true than in business. Every contact with your customers should be as if it was the first. If your customers visit your office or business, here are some useful tips.

How to get the WOW factor
  • Make sure your reception area if you have one, is clean and tidy. Have some marketing materials such as latest newsletter or product information neatly displayed.
  • Use a clean and tidy meeting room or ensure your office is tidy and free of unnecessary filing cabinets and paper work.
  • Offer your customer a drink. This will make them feel welcome and relaxed.
  • Have all your customers’ information ready for the meeting. If you have to search for information while your customer is waiting, it will give the impression of inefficiency.
  • Make sure you have enough time for your customer. If you have to rush off before they have finished telling you what they want, they will not feel valued and they are less likely to return.
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