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£20 per user per month.
This includes full online support and all updates.
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Try DMSPRO™ for 60 days and see how you could benefit from this Document Management Solution.

Features and Benefits of DMSPRO

Database to store Customer names, addresses and contact details.
Information is easy to update and all staff have access to this correct information.
This information is used to automatically address documents to Customers, saving time and reducing errors.

Database to store Third party Contacts names, addresses and contact details
Third Party Contacts are people you would contact on behalf of Customers, or on behalf of your business. For example, solicitors, accountants, banks etc.
This information is used to address documents automatically.
The Contact database can be accessed by all staff members, rather than having a number of contact lists within the business ensuring all information is up to date.

Integrates with any push scanner printing to PDF or TIFF
Choose a scanner that best fits your needs. There is no need to buy a top of the range scanner.
DMSPROTM will work with small office scanners. This makes DMSPROTM suitable for any size business.

DMSPROTM automatically imports layout, formatting, address details, standard document text, letter endings and signatures into documents.
Accurate documents can be created in seconds. Get more work done in less time!
The automatic document layout settings means that no matter who creates documents, they will all have the same formatting and layout.
This creates a very professional appearance without any extra effort.

Telephone message system built in, including the option to save Alerts into the Customer file.
Reduce the risk of messages written on pieces of paper never arriving to the recipient. Using the Alert feature, messages are created in DMSPROTM and sent to and user. The message can be filed to the Customer file if it contains telephone conversation notes.
This saves time, improves the accuracy of information in the Customer file and reduces the risk of undelivered messages and irate Customers.

Each user has a to-do-list within DMSPRO which is linked to documents in any Customer file.
Documents in the Customer file can have Tasks attached to them. These tasks are assigned to staff members and monitored through DMSPROTM.
Monitoring Tasks means managers have a clear idea of progress of jobs. This enables managers to ensure workloads are evenly divided and deadlines are being met.

A comprehensive search feature with options to search by subject, document type, between date ranges, by recipient and other criteria.
The search facility enables you to find any document in a Customer file in seconds. This saves time and money as staff are not searching through hundreds of paper files for information.

Scanned documents and created documents are stored in an electronic Customer file.
Reduce the amount of paperwork in the office by scanning documents into DMSPROTM.
Save time searching through paper files for information. Save money on storage as paper files can be stored off site in a secure storage area.
Increase working space in the office by removing filing cabinets. Improve disaster recovery options with proper back-ups of electronic information.

DMSPRO integrates with Microsoft Outlook and OfficeTalk email programs.
Create emails from within the Customer file and save them automatically. Improve access to information for all staff in the office.
Important information is not lost in personal inboxes or outboxes.
This also protects the company from problems in later years with information in emails not being stored properly.

Remote access securely into DMSPRO from any location.
Remote access into a Customer file when visiting the Customer. View and edit files straight away.
There in no need to carry heavy bags of files when visiting a Customer. Customers will be impressed at the efficiency and productivity of your business.


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